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Homestead REIA


The Reia farm is located in the village of Neblo, in the region of Goriška Brda on the westernmost edge of Slovenia next to the border to Italy. The hilly landscape west of the middle reaches of Soča River is delimited by Mt Korada (806 m) and Mt Sabotin (609 m) to the north, opening up in a fan-like fashion to the Friulian plain in Italy on the opposite side. The peaks afford scenic views over the Julian and Carnic Alps and Dolomites in the background, all the way to the Adriatic Sea. In this very photogenic scenery on the juncture of the Slavic and Romance world, state borders were shaped by currents of turbulent history, dividing villages, farms and families. Today, we are on the path of overcoming such divisions: the unified geographical area Brda - Collio is a cultural and oenogastronomical treasure.

Our homestead has been in the hands of the Reja’s for generations. Today it stands as a remarkable piece of traditional local architecture. Remodelled, updated and each time adapted to a specific way of life, each generation made its mark on it, a precious memory to be treasured. But at its core, it remains firmly rooted in primordial nature. Its stones defy time, valiantly take on the bora wind, and soak up the heat of the sun. The material opoka (which is basically flysch) incorporated into its walls has a way of softening its features, and is what our region is built on.


Growing grapes, cherries, apricots, persimmons, pituralka pears, olives and more is a constant balancing act and requires commitment to the principles of biodynamic culture with respect for the environment, nature, earth and all life. We are devoted to engage in agriculture that is holistic, harmonious and doesn’t jeopardize flora and fauna. National and international control organizations for organic and biodynamic agriculture vouch for our environmentally friendly activities and fairness to customers. Our entire 15-hectare-large estate is dually certified, holding the Organic Certificate (Eko) and the Demeter Certification. Over time we realized that the size of our estate is perfect for a family farm. We have 10 hectares of arable land, of which two thirds are vineyards and the rest are orchards and an olive grove. The remaining one third of the estate is covered with woods, from which we can source firewood if necessary, and stakes for our vineyards.

The devotion to nature and the positive energy of our ancestors are still present among us.


Three generations go to work.

Great-grandfather Dolf, grandfather Franko and father Marko.

(around 1980)


Winter work in the vineyard - pruning vines.

On the left grandmother Ada and grandfather Franko, and on the right the family four-legged Collie.

(around 1985)

Now we continue this wine story.

All our crops - grapes, olives and fruits (cherries, apricots, persimmons, pitulars ...) are the result of joint, family work and effort. However, everyone emphasizes their personal note in the area that is closest to their heart.

Diana is most pleased with the production of fruit, especially local and indigenous varieties. When processing and drying the fruit, its exceptional perseverance, precision and patience are especially evident.

Marko has been passing on his experience and views on viticulture and winemaking directly since his grandparents.

Maja, who studied design at the Academy of Fine Arts, continues the primary activity of biodynamic farming as a fresh breath of the new generation, combining it and intertwining it with her creativity with the design of clay and ceramics.

The four-legged Berry takes care of the positive atmosphere at home and in the vineyards on a daily basis.

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