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Our orchards

For the successful implementation of bio-dynamic fruit growing, it is necessary to know very well the natural laws of the ecosystem where we are. A balance must be struck between all nature - between the world of animals, plants and microorganisms. It makes sense for us to live in true coexistence with nature, where other living beings also have the right to live.

The photos were taken during the year in our orchards.

We have to do a whole range of work that allows us to always have living soil, hardy trees

and ultimately healthy fruit. It is necessary to disregard the "agribusiness".

We do not use harmful works, such as the use of chemical or even toxic agents,

the purpose of which is mostly to facilitate the work, increase the yield,

fruit size, beautify their color, uniform shape and extend the shelf life.

We have never even used mineral fertilizers that destroy the soil and ecosystem.

So when any pests appear, let's not "protect" the surfaces of orchards chemically,

but when picking, carefully remove only the bad fruit.

What we pick and offer from our orchards is a completely flawless fruit with high organoleptic properties and high nutritional value, where the words “healthy fruit” actually mean that.




After a period of long winter and rainy spring, we are most looking forward to this crop. In our three cherry orchards, 600 trees of various species, mostly of early maturity, are planted. A third of these are near the homestead, the trees are older, the varieties are mixed, some are also indigenous. The rest are of newer, early varieties, in a fenced terraced orchard, where they spend most of their time in the company of the sun, wind and birds.
We start harvesting in the morning cold, early in the morning and take them to the end customers on the same day. After gently and carefully stacking in wicker baskets, they are then carefully read immediately and placed in shallow boxes. We pick the tree several times to offer only ripe and the most delicious fruit.
We are well aware that the freshness of the fruit is even more important in cherries, precisely because of its sensitivity. We also recommend customers to sweeten with their organic cherries as soon as possible, as they are not treated with anti-rot agents.



The most beautiful orchards in autumn are without a doubt persimmons. In all the rich colors of autumn leaves, man always falls in love with the beauty of nature.
We have planted over 300 persimmon trees, in the vast majority of the Tipo variety.

The fruit is very sweet, resistant and soft-eating, so it must be kneaded before use. The oldest trees are located in the orchard below the homestead, dating back over 40 years. The oldest is almost 15 years old, and the youngest was planted and fenced on the terraces by the forest behind the first hill from home.
The harvesting season begins in the second half of October and lasts about a month. We try to pick them as late as possible, as long as the weather allows. Only when the fruit is picked, when it is already completely orange in color, can it ripen to its optimal, full taste. We put them in wooden or cardboard boxes and store them in a cold storage. The fruits for sale are inspected and moved to a warmer place, where they are covered and slowly coated with the help of apples.



Pitural pears - such an old variety of pears, but still unknown to many.
This is an almost forgotten autochthonous variety of pears from Goriška Brda and the surrounding area, which can be eaten cooked or baked. At the same time, they get a divinely honey, authentic taste. They turn out great as a healthy winter dessert, reminding us that less is more. In the past, they were sold on sticks and sold at fairs and markets.

Until recently, only a few individual old trees grew on remote pieces of plots, as they were overtaken by modern varieties that are thicker and more intense in color.

It was our grandmother Franko who started their systematic revival. In 2002, he planted 150 saplings of wild pears and quinces and grafted pitural grafts collected in Brda on them. Today we have planted almost 1000 of them.
The harvesting season is in late autumn, in November, when the trees are already without leaves and the fruits reach the highest sugar level. Store them in shallow boxes and keep them in the cold for another two or three months.

Fruit can be purchased at our homestead - by prior arrangement.

You can find us at eco markets, we also deliver by arrangement.

Do you have a question? Ask us.

Where do we put the picked fruit?


We pick all the fruit in wicker baskets, which are woven by our compatriot.

We support the preservation of old customs and esteemed handicraft art.

Let's support locally. :)

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